A sagging, relaxed labia majora poses several issues with wardrobe, physical comfort, and self-confidence. A larger labia majora could lead to painful tugging and twisting or disrupt your sex life. Additionally, some women may avoid certain types of clothing because they make their labia look more pronounced.

Luckily, there are some surgical options to resolve these concerns that our caring cosmetic gynecologist could discuss with you. One of the services our office provides is laser reduction. When a woman receives laser reduction to the labia majora in Cleveland, our Ob/Gyn utilizes elliptical excision technology. The treatment is an excellent method for achieving a more youthful vaginal appearance by reducing sagging labia majora tissue. With a tremendous amount of precision, this surgical procedure is an ideal choice for rejuvenating, reshaping, and resizing your labia majora.

How Does a Labia Majora Laser Reduction Work?

A laser reduction of the labia majora using elliptical excision is common for treating sagging, relaxed, or enlarged vulva tissue. The procedure restores a youthful appearance to the labia majora after a woman experiences changes to her vulva due to aging, childbirth, or genetic factors. Elliptical excision uses a laser to cut away excess labia tissue while reshaping remaining tissue and skin for improved size and shape. The technology removes the exact amount of skin and tissue needed to produce the patient’s desired cosmetic goals.

Once the procedure is complete, incisions are closed with absorbable sutures beneath the skin to secure the new shape and size of the labia majora. Women who are thinking about undergoing labia majora laser reduction, should speak with our dedicated gynecologist in Cleveland to discuss the details of this procedure.

Physical Improvements from an Elliptical Excision

The most notable improvement a woman in Cleveland may experience following a laser reduction of the labia majora is a more youthful appearance and reduced vulva size. The operation, using elliptical excision, aims to restore sagging or uneven labia tissue for a more balanced and proportioned look. Additionally, the treatment could reduce the thickness and size of labia majora tissue that may cause physical discomfort and limitations.

Though a sagging or relaxed labia majora is the typical motivator for a laser reduction, this procedure also benefits those with larger labia sizes. The treatment could decrease tugging, twisting, and pulling on extended labia majora tissue by reducing its size. Additionally, if a larger labia majora is visible beneath specific clothing items, the operation could resolve this concern allowing for more freedom with wardrobe choices.

Recovery After a Labia Majora Reduction

As with any significant surgical procedure, some swelling, bruising, and discomfort may occur immediately after a patient in Cleveland receive laser reduction of the labia majora. Loss of sensation is possible right after surgery, but as nerve endings heal, normal sensitivity should return. Swelling of the labia majora could persist for several weeks to months after the procedure, which a patient can treat by applying ice packs to the area.

Typically, patients return to work after one week of recovery, but those with more physically demanding jobs may need to wait longer before returning to their normal routine. After four weeks of recovery, an individual may resume taking baths and wearing thong underwear or tight clothing items. Engaging in sexual activity and exercise is acceptable after six weeks of recovery.

Contact a Cleveland Gynecologist to Discuss Laser Reduction to the Labia Majora

Undergoing laser reduction to the labia majora in Cleveland may be the ideal choice for rejuvenating the appearance of your vulva. This treatment is exact in removing excess labia majora tissue that is sagging or relaxed that may cause an aged appearance. With only a few weeks of required recovery time, an elliptical excision laser reduction is an excellent choice for taking control over your appearance and self-image. If you are unhappy with the size or appearance of your vulva, do not hesitate to reach out to our caring and thoughtful team.