Surgical procedures can pose certain risks and side effects.  With these essential factors to consider, surgery on visible and sensitive areas such as the labia and mons pubis may not be ideal for some individuals. Fortunately, there are nonsurgical operations available that can still produce a rejuvenated, and younger look.

A nonsurgical labiaplasty in Cleveland with Aviva technology by InMode aims to reduce the size of labia tissue using heat for improved appearance and function. Additionally, a nonsurgical mons lift uses heat to reduce excess fat, tissue, and skin above the vagina for a slimmer appearance. If you are interested in either of these procedures, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated gynecologist. She could explain how these treatment options could improve the appearance of your vulva and mons pubis without extended recovery periods and significant scarring.

Aviva by InMode for a Scarless Labiaplasty

A surgical labiaplasty can result in scarring, adverse side effects, and more extended recovery periods than nonsurgical labiaplasty techniques. Aviva by InMode is a nonsurgical labiaplasty procedure available in Cleveland that reduces labia tissue without invasive methods and scarring. The treatment utilizes heat from radiofrequency energy to tighten and reduce labia size over three to six months after treatment by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Aviva technology targets the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, perineum, mons pubis, and vaginal opening. Results of a scarless labiaplasty include shorter and smaller labia tissue, reduced physical discomfort, and enhanced sexual health. The procedure aims to provide a lift of the labia majora for improved appearance and function.

Candidates for a scarless labiaplasty using Aviva by InMode are women with excessive, stretched, or asymmetrical labia tissue. Women who have increased health issues or physical difficulties due to excess labia tissue are ideal candidates for a scarless labiaplasty as well. Further, women who are unhappy or self-conscious due to their labia’s appearance could greatly benefit from the procedure.

Nonsurgical Mons Pubis Lift

The mons pubis is the area under the lower abdomen and above the vagina. Excess weight gain, pregnancy, or hereditary factors could result in excess skin, fat, and tissue on the mons pubis. Fuller mons pubis areas could leave an individual unhappy with their appearance and limited in wardrobe choices. However, there is a nonsurgical option for reducing excess fullness of the mons pubis for improved appearance and confidence.

When a woman in Cleveland, receives a nonsurgical mons lift, the gynecologist uses heat from radiofrequency energy to permanently eliminate fat cells while tightening the skin for a slimmer appearance. Following the treatment, the body naturally removes the dead fat cells as the skin tightens due to newly stimulated collagen production. Results are a slimmer mons pubis that looks lifted and does not disrupt physical activities, wardrobe choices, or an individual’s confidence.

Benefits of Nonsurgical Options for Labiaplasty and Mons Pubis Lift

A significant benefit of a nonsurgical labiaplasty or mons pubis lift in Cleveland is the lack of scarring following treatment, which often occur in surgical options that require extensive incisions. Additionally, the recovery period, typically only a few days, is significantly shorter and allows for a quicker return to regular activities. A labia majora lift could reduce labia tissue by up to 50 percent without some of the risks associated with surgery.

Beyond reducing excess tissue, a scarless labiaplasty with Aviva technology could improve clitoral stimulation, treat urinary incontinence, decrease recurrent vaginitis, and tighten the vaginal opening for better sexual functioning. Benefits of a nonsurgical mons lift include increased flexibility with wardrobe choices and confidence during sexual activity. Further, as with a nonsurgical labiaplasty, there is no risk of scarring, adverse side effects, and long recovery periods.

Reach out to a Cleveland Gynecologist to Discuss the Nonsurgical Options for a Labiaplasty and Mons Pubis Lift

Unsightly scarring following a surgical procedure could leave you unhappy with the results, especially if the area is visible. Luckily, there are nonsurgical options that could help you build confidence in your appearance and improve your sexual wellbeing. A nonsurgical labiaplasty or mons pubis lift in Cleveland are two approaches to doing so.

A scarless labiaplasty aims to reduce the labia and the surrounding tissue size for improved appearance and function. A nonsurgical mons lift uses body sculpting techniques to create a slimmer appearance in this area. If you are considering receiving treatment to either of these areas, choose these nonsurgical options to get noninvasive yet effective results.