Many women have scars, bulges, and uncomfortable blemishes around their perineum, or the area between the vagina and anus. These issues can exist for a variety of reasons, including a poorly-healed episiotomy from vaginal birthing to an extreme, relatively fast weight loss. Receiving a perineoplasty in Cleveland could remedy these and other problems in this intimate area.

The perineum encloses muscles that help keep the vagina tight and provides structural support for surrounding organs. A perineoplasty could reshape and tighten the perineum and help the patient feel more confident in their physical appearance. Our compassionate gynecologist could explain the benefits of this procedure and help you decide if undergoing this operation is the right option for you.

The Perineoplasty Procedure

As with any surgery, finding a board-certified, experienced doctor is the first and most essential step. During the initial conversation with our gynecologist, she could discuss any questions or concerns a patient may have about this procedure.

A perineoplasty is a minor surgery rarely requiring a stay in a hospital. Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, local anesthesia is used along with a sedative to keep the patient more comfortable, if needed.

Our Ob/Gyn in Cleveland begins a perineoplasty by making a V or diamond-shaped incision with a scalpel or a laser in the vaginal mucosa. Any damages, such as bulges and scar tissues, are removed. Muscles are either tightened or loosened depending on the reason for opting for a perineoplasty. A patient may discuss with the doctor whether the perineoplasty would be more effective if performed with other rejuvenation procedures such as a labiaplasty. This combination of approaches can result in a complete vaginal revitalization.

Women who have lost some of their ability to enjoy sex and feel confident in their skin because of issues around the perineum area, are most likely a good candidate for this procedure. Some other problems that a perineoplasty may treat include:

  • Scar tissue from an episiotomy
  • Sagging skin due to significant weight loss
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Genital wart removal
  • Incontinence

After a Perineoplasty

After the procedure, results should be noticeable immediately. Patients should refrain from sex for six weeks but may be able to return to work after several days.

The Ob/Gyn may likely suggest a pelvic floor strengthening routine, such as Kegel exercises, to strengthen the muscles in and around the pelvic region. The longer and more often a patient works these repaired muscles, the better the long-term results will be. Eating healthy and maintaining a stable weight could also help maximize the longevity of the perineoplasty.

Speak with a Local Gynecologist to Receive a Perineoplasty in Cleveland

Deformities, damages, excess skin, lack of muscle tone, or any combination of these issues in the perineal area can leave someone feeling less than confident in their physical appearance. If you dread intimacy because of the potential for pain, or you experience low levels of sexual pleasure, a perineoplasty in Cleveland may be a good option for you. Our compassionate cosmetic gynecologist, Dr. Gitiforooz, could explain the benefits of this procedure and help you become more confident. To schedule a consultation, call today.

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