If you find the thought of enhancing the appearance of your lower abdomen and pubic mound appealing, consider a suprapubic lift in Cleveland. Whether you have experienced a significant weight loss or have recently had a baby, a suprapubic lift can improve the contour of intimate areas with minimal recovery time. This simple cosmetic procedure is gaining popularity among many individuals, and our caring gynecologist could explain its benefits in your particular case.

What is a Suprapubic Lift?

Because a suprapubic lift is designed to tighten muscles and remove sagging skin around the pubic area, this procedure results in a sleeker, tighter lower body. Usually, this procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment and takes less than an hour to complete.

Our doctor in Cleveland begins the suprapubic lift by making a three-inch incision directly above the pubic bone. Muscles are tightened using sutures, and excess skin is removed. If extra fatty tissue is present, the doctor may recommend an accompanying liposuction treatment. In the case of severe sagging, the doctor may also advise a panniculectomy, which removes excess skin hanging below the abdomen. After a suprapubic lift, the doctor may recommend that the patient spends the rest of that day in bed. Fortunately, most patients return to work a few days later. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping a stable weight could help ensure the best results from a suprapubic lift.

Who Can Benefit from a Suprapubic Lift?

Anyone with a moderate amount of sagging around their pubic area can benefit from this procedure. Both men and women in Cleveland may benefit from suprapubic lifts even though their reasons for seeking the surgery are typically different.

Suprapubic lift for women

Extreme fluctuations in weight can leave extra hanging skin on the mons pubis and outer labia. Women who opt for a suprapubic lift may do so for a tighter, more comfortable, and rejuvenated appearance of vulvar structures. The mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, and introitus can all show improvements from a suprapubic lift.

Suprapubic lift for men

Men usually opt for this procedure to remove fat and excess skin around the pubic mound. Whether due to a genetic predisposition toward storing fat in this region or because of a significant weight loss, many men find that diet and exercise may not significantly improve the look of this area. Depending on the patient and his ultimate aesthetic goals, the doctor may recommend accompanying procedures such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or a panniculectomy.

Speak with a Cleveland Doctor About Undergoing a Suprapubic Lift Operation

Once you have found a board-certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon, the next step toward a more rejuvenated pubic area will be to schedule a consultation. Be open and honest with your wants and expectations for this procedure. Your surgeon will listen and advise the best treatment or combination of treatments to achieve your desired outcomes.

A more youthful, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing pubic area does not have to be an unrealistic goal. A suprapubic lift in Cleveland can restore confidence in yourself and in your sexuality.

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