Widening of the vaginal canal due to aging or childbirth may have left you unhappy with your sex life or resulted in certain physical limitations. You may be experiencing difficulty with tampons, frequent urination, or pain during intercourse from weakened vaginal muscles. Fortunately, there is a surgical option for restoring the vaginal muscle, improving your sexual health, and increasing your confidence.

A vaginoplasty surgically brings together separated muscles to tighten the vagina and resolve accompanying side effects. Since it is an invasive procedure, there are risks, side effects, and recovery time to consider before choosing to undergo a vaginoplasty in Cleveland. To determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, speak with our excellent Ob/Gyn at one of our offices in Beachwood, Westlake, or Middlefield.

What is a Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical operation that aims to tighten the vaginal canal by altering the muscles to a predetermined amount of tightness. The surgery brings separated vaginal muscles together by shortening them with strong sutures and removing extra skin inside the vagina.

The most significant benefit of a vaginoplasty is a tighter vaginal canal, which could result in greater sensations and more sexual satisfaction. This procedure could also restore friction within the vaginal canal to enhance pleasurable sensation during intercourse. A vaginoplasty surgery in Cleveland could also resolve several sexual health issues caused by vaginal stretching.

Recovery after a vaginoplasty typically takes one week before an individual may resume their usual activities. Resumption of sexual intercourse and tampon use may occur between four to eight weeks of recovery, depending on individual healing.

Reasons to Get a Vaginoplasty

The most common reason for undergoing a vaginoplasty is to reverse the widening of the vaginal canal caused by childbirth or aging. Vaginal canal widening could lead to difficulties with tampons staying in place, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, gas-like noises during intercourse, and bowel movement.

The ideal candidate for a vaginoplasty in Cleveland is a woman who is not pregnant or planning to become pregnant, as childbirth may reverse the surgical changes by stretching vaginal muscles.

Preparations for a Vaginoplasty in Cleveland

There are several actions that a patient should take prior to receiving a vaginoplasty surgery in Cleveland. These steps could reduce the risks that come with this surgery. First, smoking before, during, or after the surgery may cause complications during the healing process. If a patient is a smoker, she should stop smoking two weeks prior to the surgery to negate these risks. Patients also may need to stop taking certain medications before receiving the surgery. These medications include aspirin, as well as medications that affect bleeding or clotting.

Additionally, a patient should confirm that she is eligible to receive this procedure by scheduling a consultation with our caring gynecologist. When examining the vaginal area, our Ob/Gyn could determine whether the muscles are loose enough. When this inspection is complete, the gynecologist may also need to analyze the medical history of the patient for confirmation that the patient has not had any past experiences that may affect the surgery.

Speak with a Cleveland Gynecologist to Discuss a Vaginoplasty Surgery

When a woman receives a vaginoplasty in Cleveland, she opens herself up to a world of potentially greater sexual satisfaction as well as other significant benefits. While many women decide to go through with this procedure due to the effects of childbirth, women who have not given birth may decide to receive this surgery as well. If you are interested in receiving vaginal canal surgery, reach out to our Ob/Gyn and make an appointment at one of our offices in Beachwood, Westlake, or Middlefield.

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