Gynecology and Cosmetic Gynecology Services in Cleveland

Childbirth, aging, and genetics can all lead to vaginal changes that could negatively impact your sexual satisfaction, confidence in appearance, and physical functioning. Fortunately, there are various surgical options that aim to reverse these vaginal changes for better sexual, reproductive, and mental health.

Whether you suffer from a gynecological medical condition or are self-conscience about the appearance of your vagina, our team of medical professionals is here to support you and your needs. If you are looking for gynecology and cosmetic gynecology services in Cleveland, you should schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Beachwood, Westlake, or Middlefield. Our caring and compassionate gynecologist could determine which surgical solutions or treatments could help relieve your pain, treat reproductive medical conditions, and improve your vaginal appearance for a better quality of life.

Cosmetic Gynecology Options in Cleveland

Cosmetic gynecology is a broad term for several surgeries that aim to improve the appearance and function of the vagina. There are several ways in which a Cleveland patient might benefit from cosmetic gynecology services. Some of these benefits may include improved sexual satisfaction, increased libido, and more confidence in vaginal appearance. Various cosmetic gynecology surgeries our Ob/Gyn could perform target both internal and external parts of the vagina to address several possible concerns.


A vaginoplasty surgically tightens the vaginal canal for improved sexual gratification and reduced urinary incontinence. This procedure also may help with vaginal changes due to childbirth or aging.


Labiaplasty reduces labia minor tissue that extends past the labia majora. This extra tissue can result in twisting, tugging, and physical discomfort or limitations. A woman may choose this procedure to enhance the overall aesthetic of her genitalia by proportioning inner and outer labia tissue.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

A clitoral hood reduction aims to reduce tissue around the clitoris for increased sexual satisfaction. The procedure could improve the outward appearance of the vagina as well.


The perineum, the tissue between the rectum and vagina, is repaired by a perineoplasty after it has torn or scared from childbirth. The surgery tightens and rebuilds the muscles located in the perineum.

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Gynecology Surgery Procedures and Benefits

Surgical procedures targeting any part of the female reproductive system such as the cervix, vagina, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are considered gynecology surgeries. Some surgical procedures target the bladder and urinary tract as well. Gynecology surgical procedures that our gynecologist could perform include:

  • A hysterectomy, which is the removal of the uterus with or without removal of ovaries
  • Surgical cancer treatment of the cervix, ovaries, and urinary system
  • Uterine and ovarian cyst or fibroid removal
  • Cervical growth removal
  • Tubal ligation (tying the fallopian tubes)
  • Endometrial ablation, which treats abnormal uterine bleeding

These gynecology services that our Cleveland Ob/Gyn could perform could help relieve pain, prevent additional disease spread, reduce incontinence, and diagnose medical conditions. Gynecological conditions treated with any of these surgeries could improve a woman’s health, sex life, and confidence.

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Sexual and reproductive health are important to a woman’s overall quality of life. Several of our gynecology and cosmetic gynecology services in Cleveland aim to improve your sexual or reproductive function, reduce physical discomfort, and increase sexual satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to improving our patients’ vaginal and sexual health so they can confidently move forward in other aspects of their life. If you want to discuss our gynecological services, schedule a consultation in one of our offices in Beachwood, Westlake, or Middlefield.

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