Over time, your labia may change in shape and size due to aging, pregnancy, or childbirth. These changes to your labia can result in some physical and emotional difficulties. Fortunately, our caring team of gynecologists have a solution to these difficulties. AVIVA is an innovative and non-surgical labiaplasty technology that reduces labia tissue without invasive methods. The procedure relies on thermal energy to heat and reduces labia tissue without incisions, scars, or extended recovery periods.

The thermal energy alters labia tissue by remodeling and tightening the tissue, resulting in a lesser degree of protrusion of the labia majora or minora. Since this type of labiaplasty is non-surgical, recovery is minimal and side effects are rare. If you are interested in learning more about AVIVA in Cleveland, do not hesitate to reach out. This treatment could help you feel more comfortable in your body without invasive surgical methods.

AVIVA Results and Benefits

AVIVA is a non-surgical labiaplasty that aims to reduce the outer or inner labia tissue size. Also known as a scarless labiaplasty, this procedure uses heat to shrink and remodel the labia. This technology also could go beyond targeting the labia, including the clitoral hood, vaginal opening, and perineal.

During an AVIVA procedure in Cleveland, a local anesthetic numbs the treatment areas before the radiofrequency heat application to the skin. Typically, a session takes around 30 minutes and requires one to three days of recovery, in which patients must avoid exercise and intercourse. Results should become apparent after any mild swelling subsides, which is typically one to two weeks after treatment.

Labia tissue will shrink over the next six months after the procedure as the body naturally increases its collagen and elastin production. A significant benefit of AVIVA technology is an eliminated risk of scarring on the labia due to the non-invasive heat application. Further, AVIVA employs extensive safety features to reduce the chance of thermal damage to vaginal tissue.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for AVIVA?

Women who are concerned about their labia’s size or shape and are considering a surgical labiaplasty are ideal candidates for AVIVA treatments in Cleveland. In addition, individuals who believe their labia is too large or elongated could significantly benefit from this procedure. Ultimately, any woman who is unhappy with the appearance or size of her labia qualifies for an AVIVA non-surgical labiaplasty.

There are two typical reasons a woman may seek out a non-surgical labiaplasty beyond naturally oversized or irregular labia majora and minora tissue. First, many women who suffer from these conditions can be uncomfortable or experience irritation when wearing tight-fitting clothes. Further, some women may want the procedure due to discomfort during exercise or sexual intercourse.

Talk to an OBGYN About AVIVA Labiaplasty in Cleveland Today

If you have excess labia tissue that results in discomfort during physical activities or while wearing tight clothing, AVIVA may be the right choice for you. This procedure shrinks labia tissue using thermal energy to restructure and tighten vaginal tissue over six months. Since AVIVA relies on an external application of heat to the skin, there is minimal recovery time, no scarring, and few side effects.

This non-surgical labiaplasty is available for any woman who feels that their labia is too large and causes physical difficulties. This treatment is an effective solution whether your excess labia tissue is due to aging, childbirth, or genetics. Schedule a consultation with us today if you interested in learning about AVIVA in Cleveland.

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