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This is by far the most amazing and qualified physician. I am thrilled I found her! I am always a nervous wreck when I have to see a new doctor, but Dr. Habibeh Gitiforooz made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. Her wonderful bedside manner, as well as her kind and compassionate disposition, would make the most anxious new patient feel calm and cool. She is continually engaging and really listens to me. She answers every single question with professionalism, patience and conviction. Dr. Gitiforooz’s staff is also incredible, which is clearly an extension of her. From the moment I walked through the office doors to meet her staff, I was greeted with the biggest smiles, kindest words and constant reassurance that I was in good hands. That being said, I want to give a special shout out to those staff members — Nicole, Kristie and Laura, who all made me feel like I was family. I highly recommend this physician and her fabulous staff. Ladies, if you need a wonderful doctor who specializes in women’s health, I urge you to make an appointment to see Dr. Gitiforooz. On a 10 scale, Dr. G. and her staff most definitely get a 1000 from me! Keep up the great work!

-On a 10 scale, Dr. G. and her staff most definitely get a 1000 from me!

I have had two doses of Bioidentical Hormones and am grateful for Dr. Gittiforooz introducing me to this option to deal with my menopause symptoms. I was dealing with hot flashes, warm body temperatures, sleepless nights, itching and sluggish mornings. Within three weeks of my first dose my symptoms were lessoned if not gone. I am very cautious as to what I put into my body and because it is made with bioidentical hormones it peeked my interest. Knowing that my hormones are being monitored on a regular basis gives me comfort in using the product. If you are suffering with menopause symptoms, I highly recommend giving it a try!

-Grateful for Bioidentical Hormones!

Dr. Gitiforooz is like a friend to me. I never feel embarrassed or afraid when I come in for a problem. She makes me feel relaxed and at ease which completely takes my mind off of what I am having done. I was experiencing a lot of heavy bleeding throughout the entire month and she did a hysterectomy on me which made me feel back to myself again! I never felt like I underwent surgery. She truly cares about her patients and their concerns. She is AMAZING and I recommend her to everyone!

-Dr. Gitiforooz is AMAZING!

Gynecology and
Cosmetic Gynecology Services in Cleveland

Childbirth, aging, and genetics can all lead to vaginal changes that could negatively impact your sexual satisfaction, confidence in appearance, and physical functioning. Fortunately, there are various surgical options that aim to reverse these vaginal changes for better sexual, reproductive, and mental health.

Whether you suffer from a gynecological medical condition or are self-conscience about the appearance of your vagina, our team of medical professionals is here to support you and your needs. If you are looking for gynecology and cosmetic gynecology services in Cleveland, you should schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Beachwood, Westlake, or Middlefield. Our caring and compassionate gynecologist could determine which surgical solutions or treatments could help relieve your pain, treat reproductive medical conditions, and improve your vaginal appearance for a better quality of life.