Searching for the right gynecologist is no easy feat. Our patients may come to us for various reasons, but one aspect of our practice that we pride ourselves on is our personalized approach that allows to get to know our patients so we can best meet their physical and sexual health needs. As such, there are many benefits to choosing a private practice like ours over a corporate one.

Disadvantages of Corporate Care

When going to a corporate care practice, patients rarely see the same provider. They are much more likely to see whatever doctor is available, depending on the day and time of their appointment. Additionally, when patients walk into a corporate care office, they quite possibly talk to a number of different receptionists, schedulers, and doctors before being able to get help with the issue they would like to address. Some may not even get the chance to speak with their doctor before they come in and are instead directed to an assistant or sometimes an automated messaging service. Since corporate care frequently has many different working doctors with many patients to see, it is often a less personalized experience.

Benefits of Private Care

Alternatively, our practice offers a much more personalized experience for any and every patient who walks through our doors. In our office, a patient will see the same people every visit. Our staff know our patients well and how to make them feel welcome. Patient messages go straight to our caring and dedicated gynecologist, Dr, Gitiforooz, who reaches back out to the patient to address their questions.

If you are in need of a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience, we welcome you to visit Advanced Women’s Health and Surgery clinic for your next gynecological visit. We have offices in Beachwood, Westlake, and Middlefield. To schedule a consultation, please feel free to call or contact us through our online forum.

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