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Receiving a clitoral hoodectomy in Cleveland has various physical, cosmetic, and sexual benefits that could significantly improve your quality of life. The most significant improvement the surgery could provide is a better ability to be sexually aroused and achieve orgasm. Consider a clitoral hoodectomy if you are ready to take charge of your sex life and improve your overall sexual health.

Hoodectomy Process & Results

Step 1.

The clitoral hood, or prepuce, is  is lifted out of the way for clitoral exposure during a hoodectomy.

Step 2.

The hoodectomy is performed under anaesthesia to ensure patient safety and comfort and generally takes less than one hour to perform even when combined with a labiaplasty, as it is a relatively straightforward procedure.

Step 3.

The technique used involves a bilateral excision of the tissues covering the clitoris. When the clitoral hood is being reduced, the clitoris and nerves are not actually being affected. This is not a circumcision procedure.

Step 4.

Patients experience minimal recovery time and are able to return to work in 3-5 days and resume exercise and sexual activity within approximately 3-5 weeks. Some swelling and minor discomfort should be expected during the healing phase.

Step 5.

The visual enhancement will be noticeable immediately after surgery and improvements will continue for the first three weeks, as swelling resolves.

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