As you age, your collagen production decreases resulting in wrinkles, sagging, and reduced volume of features. While many understand that these signs of aging affect parts of the body such as the face, neck, and arms, fewer individuals realize that decreased collagen production affect the vulva as well. You may notice that your labia majora has begun to sag, looks more relaxed, and has decreased in size, leaving your vulva looking more aged. If the appearance of your vagina has negatively impacted your confidence, reach out to our caring and compassionate Ob/Gyn to discuss surgical enhancement options.

A labia majora enhancement with fat transfer in Cleveland is a cosmetic procedure aiming to reverse signs of aging on the vulva and create a younger, rejuvenated appearance. During this process, the gynecologist takes excess fat from another part of the body and injects it within the labia majora to produce a fuller appearance.

What is a Labia Majora Enhancement Procedure?

A fat transfer for a labia majora enhancement procedure in Cleveland requires liposuction techniques. During this procedure, the Ob/Gyn typically takes fat from a part of the body with excess fat deposits, such as the abdomen. The fat is then purified of any debris to ensure it is clean and ready for placement into the labia majora.

Once cleaned, the cosmetic gynecologist injects the fat into the labia majora with small syringes to produce more volume in the vulva. The injections are inserted at various depths to ensure an even distribution of fat across the labia majora for more natural results. Immediately following the treatment, the labia majora may appear larger than desired but, over time, some fat is absorbed by the body as the healing process occurs. Recovery time varies based on the procedure and individual. However, most patients can return to all activities within a week.

Appearance and Physical Benefits of a Labia Majora Enhancement

The main benefit of a labia majora enhancement is a rejuvenated vulva appearance. By increasing the size and plumpness of the labia majora, the vulva appears fuller and more lifted for a younger look. Additionally, since this procedure uses fat from other parts of the body, the results look softer and more natural than other enhancement options. This method also allows for more long-term results. An additional benefit of using the fat transfer method for labia majora enhancements in Cleveland is slimming the areas in which liposuction was used. Since the process is minimally invasive, the recovery process and downtime after treatment are not extensive.

Preparing for Surgery

Patients should avoid blood thinners and certain supplements in the weeks leading up to surgery. Patients should get at least eight hours of sleep and should not eat or drink after midnight the night before the surgery. Our caring gynecologist could discuss the effects of the surgery and what patients should do to prepare.

Speak with a Gynecologist About Fat Transfer Labia Majora Enhancements in Cleveland

A labia majora enhancement with fat transfer in Cleveland is an excellent option for restoring your vulva’s appearance and giving it a more rejuvenated look. This surgery restores volume to the labia majora and decreases signs of aging by taking excess fat from other body parts and injecting into the vulva. The procedure is minimally invasive with a high degree of precision, resulting in an even distribution of fat across the labia majora.

While this treatment is most commonly used to reverse sagging and relaxed labia majora tissue due to aging, it is an excellent option for anyone seeking a rejuvenated vulva appearance. If you are not feeling confident in the appearance of your vagina, our compassionate cosmetic gynecologist could help you feel better in your skin by performing a labia enhancement. For more information on this procedure, schedule an initial consultation today.